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Flexible Use of Airspace

GAL ANS has learned much from our partners on the Flexible use of airspace concept. They are front runners in terms of the Single European Sky initiative. This delivers returns on the environment, economy and safety. We continue to research and propose continuous adjustments to the UAE airspace system, maximizing the use of the entire

Air Traffic Management

GAL ANS has played a key role in the process of harmonizing Air Traffic Management (ATM) and aviation safety systems on behalf of our clients, and it is deeply involved in strategic and conceptual work aimed at short- and long term development of the ATM-system by integrating the latest technological innovations. GAL ANS has participated

Aeronautical Information Management

The purpose is to provide aeronautical information essential for the safety, regularity and efficiency of air navigation to the flight crew and operators, relative to the route stages to be flown, in accordance with national Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs) and ICAO Annex 15 specifications on Aeronautical Information Services (AIS). The services are achieved by supporting

Air Traffic Services

The air traffic control system is a vast network of people and equipment that ensures the safe operation of commercial and private aircraft. Air traffic controllers ensure the safe orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic, prevent conflict between aircraft on the manoeuvring  area and in the sky. GAL ANS provides information necessary  for the safe and efficient transit