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Green Flights is a concept comprising three dimensions: green departures, direct routes and green approaches. Independently and together, these initiatives contribute to greener flights, the result of which is positive for the airlines, passengers and the climate. A green approach is achieved by the aircraft using an even descent (a so-called Continuous Descent Approach CDA) with minimum thrust. This is comparable to eco-driving when driving a car.

During the first decade of the millennium our partners have created a more effective airspace with shorter, more effective flight routes and exact timings. The result has constituted a lower impact on their customer environment.

Using the latest in navigation technology and through implementing new working methods, our partners have created the conditions that allow airlines, when flying at cruising altitude, to fly the shortest route possible through two countries airspace. This is the first joint airspace block with combined air navigation services.

Together we are working on the exact same concept in the UAE.