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Aerial Activities

In addition to delivery of projects, the GAL ANS Support department also undertakes a variety of other functions. These range from collation of the annual budget requirements, the handling of statistical data for various reporting needs, daily support to ATC Ops, such as surveys and creation of Temporary Instructions and responsibility for all Aerial Activities.

Unit transitions/Transition Management

GAL ANS has experience of transitioning functions between units and also of implementing new functions within ATS units. One specific example is the relocation of the Al Ain Approach function from the Sheikh Zayed Centre to the Abu Dhabi Air Traffic Control Complex (ATCC). This project was achieved within accelerated timescales as the Sheikh Zayed

AFIS implementation

GAL ANS was instrumental in the successful implementation of Airfield Flight Information Service (AFIS) at Sir Bani Yas, in line with the Directive from GCAA Director General. Sir Bani Yas was the first airfield in the UAE to implement and be certified for AFIS by the GCAA regulator. The project included all aspects of AFIS,

ATM Systems

GAL ANS has significant experience of developing and delivering large scale, complex ATM Systems programmes containing numerous inter-dependencies. GAL ANS staff participate in all stages of ATM Systems projects throughout the lifecycle from inception through to delivery. Specific areas of involvement include User Requirements capture, Functional Requirements capture, Project Definition, Project Planning, procurement support (including

Airspace / Procedures

GAL ANS has extensive experience in delivering change to airspace and procedures. These changes range from minor adjustments to low-level VFR routes to major re-sectorisation of complex Terminal Airspace. GAL ANS staff are involved in the full range of activities associated with airspace change, from the development of the initial concept, through prototyping of designs,


The purpose is to provide aeronautical information essential for the safety, regularity and efficiency of air navigation to the flight crew and operators, relative to the route stages to be flown, originating at ADAC Airports to various destinations, in accordance with national GCAA Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs) and ICAO Annex 15 specifications on Aeronautical Information